– Our goal is to empower Mom’s to initiate safe health care for those they love
– To become a proactive ‘Healer in Your Own Home’
– The classes are medically relevant, easy to understand, and hands-on

1 – What is meant by Alternative Healthcare

2 – How plant-based medicine (essential oils) compliments traditional medicine
3 – How a ‘Balanced’ body heals itself
4 – How essential oils impact your body physically and emotionally

5 – Teaching your kids how to practice good health habits at home
6 – Prepping them to recognize/avoid school ‘germ zones’

1 – Is there more than one Mom’s class? All classes will be progressional. The first class is a health and wellness overview with introduction to selfcare at home, the functional Body Systems, the role of essential oils, and how to prep your Kids for Back to School germ zones.

2 – How technical will the classes be? We believe in keeping information simple and easy to understand. We will have an entertaining Powerpoint presentation, relaxation to music, stress relief massage techniques, a raffle drawing and more…

3 – When/where will the classes be held? Classes for Moms will be held during week day mornings. Our schedule is currently being developed, so check back for details or provide your information on the Contact page and we will bring you up to date.

4 – All this information will be new to most of us, will you provide a syllabus of some type? Each Mom will have a package of tear sheets to take home after each class.

5 – How long are the classes? The presentation is designed for one hour with an additional Q&A at the end.

6 – Is the class trying to sell me anything? This free class is an educational outreach about self care at home. Part of the education includes essential oils and their role in plant-based wellness. There is nothing for sale at these classes. If you pay attention and have a correct answer during our Q&A, you could win a free sample of an amazing essential oil to try at home.

7 – Can I come back to a class if I have questions? Yes, we encourge Moms to visit any time. Feel free to contact us through the web site as well.